Jane Maulucci held a day job for 3 decades working in corporate marketing, sales, and training while freelancing as a copy writer and soft news reporter. She finally decided to go all in and survive on just her writing and training by utilizing the big business success formulas.

Like a mad scientist, she scaled them down for her small business and they worked! Not able to keep this great find to herself, she started telling her clients (and anyone else who would listen) the secret formulas, and they worked for them, too!

Now, through workshops and one-on-one training, plus a handy book loaded with the lessons, she intends to create a tsunami of small business world domination through clear communication. Ready to join her?

Write Words

Finding the right words to capture your audience takes a bit of planning. Having a structure that guides you with your copywriting and content development means you can get your message out quickly and easily.

Be Fearless

Whether you are making a one on one sales pitch or presenting your idea to crowd, you need to be courageous. You need to know what you want to say, how to say it, and then fearlessly face your client, constituents, or crew.

Practice & Preparation

Athletes, musicians, artisans hone their skills through practice and preparation. But they all started not knowing any of it. You have to start somewhere and build on it. You can have a strong business voice.

Jeanne Crockett, Crockett’s Critter Care
Jeanne CrockettCrockett’s Critter Care
I love working with Jane. From the first time we met, I felt that she was just as interested in seeing my business succeed as I was. She knows her craft and has great insights into entrepreneurship.
Bob Mackowski, Open Aperture Photography
Bob MackowskiOpen Aperture Photography
Jane knows her stuff. I’ve attended her seminars and she’s worked with me one-on-one. She’s the best. She knows the stuff that you need to know and she’s great at teaching it. Great speaker. Great instructor. Hire her now.
Jeanette Paschal, Sound Meetings & Event Management
Jeanette PaschalSound Meetings & Event Management
Confidence. I now have confidence preparing, practicing and giving professional presentations, thanks to Jane Maulucci. Trained by Jane was a worthy investment in my professional development ... a lot of fun too. Thank you, Jane.
Deborah KaniaSmall Business Center Craven Community College
Jane “trains it real” which helps the business owner understand exactly where they are at. She also empowers them to fast-forward their business using her essential advice.