You got this.

Speakers are granted Authority…

My brain sighs with the anticipation of listening to a speaker who really doesn’t want to be there and has no idea how to take control and make their presentation.

How Introverts Network

I am a native New Englander, we provide one word answers when we feel chatty.

You are not alone.

3 Sanity Savers for Solopreneurs

You don’t have to be a lonely solopreneur, reach out to your constituents for more success.

How's your image?

How to Look Like You Mean Business

You have a great story to tell. Don’t let your cover dissuade someone from listening.

Baby Looking at you

Eye Contact = Connection

Making that eye contact tells someone that they are the only focus of your life at that very moment.

Why Go Solo?

The self-employed have their reasons for taking control of their life and livelihood.