Copywriting Simplified


Copywriting is meant to Capture, Captivate, and Close your Customer. The session will reveal the science and system for creating stellar copy.


Copywriting creates print, broadcast, and digital media content and advertising. You use it to catch and hold your prospects’ attention and then get them to connect with you to learn more.  Once you understand the formula you’ll recognize it in every ad you see and hear.

Copywriting is the foundation of your marketing plan. Engaging copy makes your prospect want to learn more about you, it reminds your current clients why they are so lucky to work with you, and makes the general public aware of your products and services. Strong copywriting keeps you top of mind.

During this workshop we’ll take the mystery out of copywriting by paring it down to three easy steps. At the end, you’ll take away a template you can use to build and scale your own ads and content like a pro.



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