Manifesting Made Easy – 3 Session Workshop


Become the conscious creator of your life. By choosing your thoughts, understanding your beliefs, and moving forward you can manifest the life you desire.


Start with the simplest idea: Thoughts Become Things.  Now imagine you can take control of your life by managing your thoughts and beliefs.Then imagine yourself moving every day closer to your goals and desires. This is no fantasy, this is Infinite Possibilities.

And if you think it is all “woo-woo” kind of stuff, it isn’t. It is actually science. It is a matter of gently rewiring your brain so that you have positive currents flowing through instead of the gunky negative nagging voices.

Oh yeah, we all have that chatter. Here’s your chance to take control of it and to put your plan into action. Because wishing doesn’t make it so, taking baby steps towards your goal will make it a reality.

What do you really want in your life? Health, Happiness, Wealth?
Together we’ll identify your Infinite Possibilities and give you the tools to manifest the life of your dreams.

Jane Maulucci is a Mike Dooley certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.



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